Care instructions

  • For longer lasting jewelry, it is important that you keep it free and clear of moisture.
  • Keep jewelry stored in an enclosed area. Whether that be a jewelry box or pouch.
  • Oil from the skin and sprays (like perfumes) are not good for the jewelry, after wear and use, gently wipe jewelry with a soft cloth to remove oils.
  • Keep jewelry out of sunlight and safely stored.

Custom and personalised orders

I really love making custom orders.

If you want me to make something different, color changes, bottle size change, or anything , please note me :) I'll be happy to attend all your requests and proposals.

Wholesale availability

  •  I don't do Wholesale at this moment.
  •  My products are not available for Reselling. Thank you for understanding.

Other / Disclaimer

PLEASE, Don't copy my designs, Don't try to imitate my photos and please write your own policies instead of copy and paste mine.
I work very hard in my shop and my own desings and doing that you're trivializing my work. 
I know it's difficult to start a new shop with new products, but to be inspired so much by another shop is a wrong way to manage it . Try making your own desings , going to supplies shop to look for new inspiring pieces for your own accessory ideas, is the best way to improve :)

Mail: Bea@beagonzalez.com
Website: http://www.beagonzalez.com

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