How to measure your ring at home . ENGLISH VERSION

How to measure your ring at home . ENGLISH VERSION

Hola! Esta es la versión en ingles del tutorial, podeis encontrar la versión en Español AQUÍ!


Many of you ask me or have doubts about how to know exactly what is your ring size, so I decided to make a little tutorial on how to do it easily from your home and with tools we all have!

Let's get to it!

Hey! First we are going to collect a couple of things we need to measure our finger. We need:

  • Paper
  • Scissors (because damn,  we don't want to pack our hand.)
  • A ruler or a tape measure
  • A pen ( which is not in the photo because I forgot adding it. ^^UU)


- We decide which finger we want to measure, because not all our fingers are the same, although, well, you know that, right?, I guess you have looked at your hands sometime in your life XD.

- With the scissors, we cut a strip of paper, which is not too thick, with a 1 cm thick will do, and you will get the measure right! (mine is maybe a little bit thick in the pictures, but this way you can appreciate it better).

- We surround our finger with the paper, making sure that the limit of the paper is in the center of our finger, to be able to calculate the measure properly.
Personally I recommend the paper to be very tight to the finger, so that the measurement is more accurate. 2mm can vary a lot in the size of the ring, and we don't want it to be too big.


- With the pen, mark the point where one part of the paper meets the other, as shown in the photo. Remember that the paper must not be loose, 1 or 2 mm can vary by half a size.


- We take our ruler (look, mine is from when I went to school), and we measure our paper up to the mark we have made. I get 54mm.


- We look for the size table that we can find within the information of each ring that is in store (a little button which has a drawing of a rule in it, easy peasy).

Ringe measuring table

- Look for your circumference measurement in the table and there you will find your ring size equivalence. Depending on the type of ring different sizes are available, I advise you to go small.
For example, for me with a 54mm circumference, I choose a size 7, I will never go to a size 7.5 because it would be too big and the ring would fit big on my finger. Depending on how tight the ring fits me, I could even choose a 6.5, that's up to each one's taste!

KEEP IN MIND! The ring sizes in m atore are in US size!

And that's it! If you still have any questions or are still doubting what size to choose, you can write an email to, through the contact section of the store or send me a tweet to my account @beagonzalezart :D

I hope this tutorial has been helpful!